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10 million are playing!The definitive action puzzle game "ZOOKEEPER"is finally available on Android![How to Play]A puzzle game with simple rules - clear out panels by lining up more than three equivalent by swapping two neighboring panels.
Touch and drag the animal to the direction you want to insert, and the animals switch positions. Vertically or horizontally, line up more than three same animals to catch them. Catch more than target number, and you beat the stage.
[Game Mode]
NORMAL GAMEAdvances to next stage if you catch more animals than target.
TOKOTONCatch 100 animals and advance to next stage!Devoted mode without stage limit.
ZOOKEEPER BATTLEPlay this online versus version of ZOOKEEPER, free of charge!(Follow the ZOOKEEPER BATTLE link on the Google Play Store. Requires OS 2.3.3 or later.)